American College of Academic Medicine

Academic MD Certification for Licensed Medical Professionals

This certification will benefit your practice by increasing your income, adding professional credentials to your title and most importantly, elevating your status in your community by being certified having the same knowledge as an MD.You will be better equipped to communicate effectively with your existing patient's primary care physicians and to fully understand: how the total body functions, drug interactions, medical terminology, etc.

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

The American College of Academic Medicine offers the most affordable online on-demand PhD program in Physical Medicine. This post professional program is ideal for the working health professionals as they will have the flexibility to study at their own pace without leaving their home. Students from anywhere in the world can earn a PhD at a affordable cost.

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*This certification program is based on the comprehensive review of the finest medical school physician training degree-related programs in the US. Therefore, the certification represents our unique certification of your level of knowledge. This program was initiated in 2019 and all new programs must be in existence for three years before eligibility for any accreditations, we expect that this program will be fully credited in 2023 and all prior students will be included as having completed an accredited certification program. We will also apply for degree granting status which will mean that you will then have a full MD education with all the priviledges that pertain thereto. When this happens it will also be retroactive to previous students.

The designation "AMD" does not enable a successful graduate to practice clinical medicine until they complete residency, state boards, and any other necessary legal requirements.